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Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle modality performed on a fully clothed client, lying on a massage table, siting in a chair or, in the case of children, sometimes following them all over the office.  


1. CranioSacral Therapy addresses:

chronic neck and back pain,
motor-coordination impairments,
stress and tension related problems,
chronic fatigue,
central nervious disorders,
TMJ problems,
learning disabilities,
post traumatic stress disorder,
concussions and other TBI disorders
and many other conditions.  

Adults - 60 minutes              Kids Ages 8-16                 Infants

2. Somatoemotional Release Technique, using imagery and dialogue, helps the client touch into emotions that maybe stuck in their cellular memories or the soma (connective tissue) of their bodies.

60 minutes                         60 minutes, with essential oils          

3. Water Therapy is done in a warm pool.  The body is supported in the water and allowed to unwind and emotions expressed.

60 minutes

4. Glial Cell Therapy Glial cells are the “communications highway” in the body…. Scientists thought they were the glue that held neurons in the brain and axons in the body together.

Research shows that the glial cells aid with central nervous system and peripheral nervous system communication.  It is also believed that there is “cross talk” within the cells of the body using calcium channels and waves, called “ephatic coupling”; without the benefit of synaptic communication.  

This I call the energy highway of the body.

Connecting into the strain pattern of the client's body dysfunction, via fluid dynamics and energy, I wait for the body’s self-correcting mechanism to reset.  Sometimes our bodies have been dysfunctional for so long, it does not realize it has been functionally dysfunctional.  I use a light touch with intention for this wonderful work.  

Some glial cell functions:   

Maintain optimal homeostasis of the central nervous system

Myelinate central and peripheral nervous system axons

Regulate the formation and maintenance of synapses of the nervous systems

Controls cerebrospinal fluid production and flow

60 minutes   

5.  Biological Process.

Using imagery and dialogue, you can connect with your DNA lineage to help resolve family issues, both current as well as generational.

60 minutes







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